Episode 27: Best Original Score (Not a Musical) 1968

Calum and Chris discuss the 1968 nominees for Best Original Score (Not a Musical), which were The Fox (Lalo Schifrin), The Lion in Winter (John Barry), Planet of the Apes (Jerry Goldsmith), The Shoes of the Fisherman (Alex North), and The Thomas Crown Affair (Michel Legrand).

The Fox: 03:44 – 17:42
Planet of the Apes: 17:42 – 30:46
The Shoes of the Fisherman: 30:46 – 43:06
The Thomas Crown Affair: 43:06 – 50:44
The Lion in Winter: 50:44 – 1:00:59
Listener Questions: 1:00:59 – 1:02:15
Conclusions/Ranking: 1:02:15 – 1:12:14

Intro music: “Dr Zaius” (from The Simpsons)
Exit music: Noel Harrison, “The Windmills of Your Mind” (from The Thomas Crown Affair)

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