Episode 29: Best Original Screenplay 1946 (with Farran Smith Nehme)

Film writer, historian and author Farran Smith Nehme joins Cal and Chris to discuss the 1946 nominees for Best Original Screenplay, which were The Blue Dahlia (Raymond Chandler), Children of Paradise (Jacques Prévert), Notorious (Ben Hecht), Road to Utopia (Melvin Frank and Norman Panama), and The Seventh Veil (Muriel and Sydney Box).

The Blue Dahlia: 08:57 – 19:06
Children of Paradise: 19:06 – 33:38
Notorious: 33:38 – 46:04
Road to Utopia: 46:04 – 57:28
The Seventh Veil: 57:28 – 1:10:31
Listener Questions: 1:10:31 – 1:13:55
Conclusions/Ranking: 1:13:55 – 1:29:02

Intro music: Bing Crosby, “It’s Anybody’s Spring” (from Road to Utopia)
Exit music: Dorothy Lamour, “Personality” (from Road to Utopia)

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