Best Art Direction (B&W) 1945

Calum and Chris discuss the 1945 nominees for Art Direction (Black & White), which were Blood on the Sun, Experiment Perilous, The Keys of the Kingdom, Love Letters, and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Experiment Perilous: 03:35 – 13:43
The Keys of the Kingdom: 13:43 – 27:06
Love Letters: 27:06 – 39:29
The Picture of Dorian Gray: 39:29 – 53:20
Blood on the Sun: 53:20 – 1:05:00
Listener Questions: 1:05:00 – 1:09:53
Conclusions/Ranking: 1:09:53 – 1:15:52

Intro Music: Dick Haymes, “Love Letters” (from Love Letters)
Exit music: Angela Lansbury, “Goodbye Little Yellow Bird” (from The Picture of Dorian Gray)

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