The Hopefuls: Don’t Look Up, Drive My Car, The Hand of God, The Lost Daughter (+ SAG nominations)

The third instalment of our series on this year’s Oscar hopefuls, featuring discussion of Don’t Look Up (Adam McKay), Drive My Car (Ryusuke Hamaguchi), The Hand of God (Paolo Sorrentino), and The Lost Daughter (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

SAG nominations: 01:44 – 12:04
Don’t Look Up: 12:31 – 26:16
Drive My Car: 26:16 – 39:23
The Hand of God: 39:23 – 49:23
The Lost Daughter: 49:23 – 1:00:15

Intro Music: “Don’t Look Up” by Ariana Grande feat. Kid Cudi (from Don’t Look Up)
Exit music: Étude 3” by Nadia Sirota (from The Hand of God)

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