Best Screenplay 1955 (with Matthew Stewart)

Calum and Chris are joined by Gold Derby writer and Screen Time Central founder Matthew Stewart to discuss the 1955 nominees for Best Screenplay, which were Bad Day at Black Rock (Millard Kaufman), Blackboard Jungle (Richard Brooks), East of Eden (Paul Osborn), Love Me or Leave Me (Daniel Fuchs + Isabel Lennart), and Marty (Paddy Chayefsky).

Bad Day at Black Rock: 05:31 – 17:26
Blackboard Jungle: 17:26 – 32:31
East of Eden: 32:31 – 47:55
Love Me or Leave Me: 47:55 – 59:40
Marty: 59:40 – 1:16:07
Listener Questions: 1:16:07 – 1:17:03
Conclusions/Ranking: 1:17:03 – 1:29:14

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