Best Actress 1962 (with Eoin Daly)

Calum and Chris are joined by Eoin Daly to discuss the 1962 nominees for Best Actress, which were Anne Bancroft (The Miracle Worker), Bette Davis (What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?), Katharine Hepburn (Long Day’s Journey Into Night), Geraldine Page (Sweet Bird of Youth), and Lee Remick (Days of Wine and Roses).

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?: 03:03 – 24:40
Long Day’s Journey Into Night: 24:40 – 41:35
Sweet Bird of Youth: 41:35 – 58:54
Days of Wine and Roses: 58:54 – 1:13:07
The Miracle Worker: 1:13:07 – 1:31:03
Listener Questions: 1:31:03 – 1:41:14
Conclusions/Ranking: 1:41:14 – 1:55:36


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