About the Podcast

Categorically Oscars is a podcast interested in the history of the Academy Awards. We choose a category from an Oscar year to talk about in each episode, analysing the worthiness of the nominees, giving our verdict on whether the Academy got the winner correct, and discussing wider observations about Hollywood and Oscars history.

Your Hosts:

Calum Reed

Originally from North East England but now residing in London, Calum has a BA in Film Studies and writes film reviews for the website In Review Online. He is obsessed with the Oscars and actresses, and his favourite movies include Gone With the Wind, Eyes Wide Shut, and Clue.

Blog: http://ultimateaddict.wordpress.com


Chris is an M.F.A. graduate of Columbia Film School who has spent time teaching and working in a law office when he’s not been watching movies/talking about movies/thinking about movies. The Academy Awards have been on his mind for most of his life. He’s originally from Michigan, and currently lives in Spain.

Blog: http://oscarsandi.wordpress.com